Monday, February 16, 2015

sight and sound

So let me just say that sight and sound is AMAZING!!! for those of you that do not know what sight and sound is you can click on this link

So i have seen three of there plays and they are really good. you can buy the plays on DVD here

Or you can buy tickets here

The first play i saw was Joseph

 It was so GOOD it is one of my favorites

The next play i saw was Noah 

And this one was GOOD to if you have not seen a play by sight and sound you need to see one 

And the last play i saw was Jonah 

I LOVE this play so much and also because my name is Jonah to. So all in all a five stars on all three!!!  

Like i said you need to see a sight and sound play. on the down side for me is that i do not live over in 
Branson Missouri or Lancaster County Pennsylvania  so i have not been to the theater. but i have the DVDs so at least i have seen them. i might do a review on each play but i don't know yet. i so want to work there!!!

so that is it for the day

God Bless